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'Invited by Inland, an ‘arts collective dedicated to agricultural, social and cultural production’ (retrieved from, and the support of the Goethe-Institut Madrid, Constructlab temporarily moved into The Art and Agroecology Center, a 17th century mountain village in the north of Spain.

The undisclosed set of rural constructions is an experimental model village for the collective. A rural base that welcomes the New Curriculum; ‘a multidisciplinary knowledge program around the relationship between art, farmers’ knowledge and agroecology’ (retrieved from The practice-based curriculum seeks to foster active exchange between different areas of knowledge in order to reunite culture to nature, city to countryside and create synergy towards a sustainable rural development.

In preparation for the New Curriculum, Constructlab was asked to develop a set of infrastructures to welcome the first gatherings (from June until September 2018). Departing from the question of what it means to re-inhabit an abandoned rural space, the group set up to build the basics; beds, showers and toilets, a kitchen and a gathering area. Enough elements to house a temporary community, with its own set of backgrounds, needs and expertises.'

- extract from ConstructLab


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