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Brick Lane Collective






Culture House

Personal Role:


+ Design Story Narrative
+ Conceptual Design 
+ Spatial Configuration
+ Final Graphics for Competition Submission

We propose a series of spaces that respond to the communities potential needs along with a commercial element which helps generate income and acknowledges the new residents from the Goodsyard. The rich history of brick lane, from immigrants, civil rights, food to art is where the building is routed.


An open gallery which weaves through the ground floor’s existing arches telling the story of Brick Lane, before the building splits into its two halves. The brick lane face is an opportunity for café, creative labs, music rooms, community gatherings and local exhibition. The city face is predominantly made up of one large multi purpose hall, which can be performance, art, lecture, cinema or event. It also has a large lounge and breakout space (a space to hire) with views to the city of London.


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