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a c a d e m i c _ p o r t f o l i o _

M A r c h _ s t a g e _ 5 _ s e m e s t e r _ 1 _

Based on the Vienna’s historical experience of political and social repression and it’s confrontation through Viennese Actonism movement, the proposed project on Danube Island provides artist studios for international artists to gain their asylum here and produce the work confronting the abusive systems.

The project aims to embrace a new side of Vienna’s identity to free itself from repressed past and respond to global injustice and oppression by providing a refugee for political international artists to do so free from persecution and prosecution. 

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In the early 1960s its main protagonists Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch & Rudolf Schwarzkogler went beyond the boundaries of painting in favor of actions with real bodies, objects and substances in space and time.

Their objective was a “direct” confrontation with  sensory and psychic reality in all its aspects — including those that are tragic, difficult to stomach and above all socially repressed—which would be intensified through artistic form in order to bring  about heightened consciousness.


The personalities of three protagonists of Actionism movement were translated into performing architectural structures and psychological qualities of space.

. . . 

Actionsim caused uproar and scandal — not only at the time it took place — but it also provoked discussion on taboo issues and in the end was a co-initiator of a process of social rethinking.

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