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g r e a t _ n o r t h_ s p e c i a l i s t _ c a r e _ h o s p i t a l _ 



Involvement in:

* Process from project design up to planning submission

* RIBA stage 1-3 development

* Conceptual design / research / feasibility studies

*Stakeholder engagement in brief definition & spaceplanning

* Coordination with design team

* Graphic representation

* 3D modelling 

A major development of 10 year plan for Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust. The key drivers of the scheme include Enhancing facilities For Adult Critical Care, isolation facilities for High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCID), Rehabilitation and Burns patients, Maternity Network and as a major trauma centre, broadening the range of Ventilation services, Decanting Wards. The provision of outline services would facilitate the strategic reconfiguration of services across the Trust. Additionally, to ensure that the design of the building is sufficiently flexible so that it can make a contribution to opportunities for wider strategic objectives and other service reconfigurations that are likely to emerge in the next few years.

- Medical Architecture


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