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Involvement in:

* Research into the culture & context

  for design development

* Conceptual story and its graphics

* Preparation of Final Boards

'The proposed National Science and Innovation Centre – known simply as ‘Science Island’ in Kuanas, Lithuania – will celebrate the region’s recent achievements in science and global technologies, for which design proposals were invited through an international competition. We responded to the challenge by creating an uplifting natural environment which will inspire visitors to expand their knowledge and support innovation in environmental science and sustainability.

Our vision for the Science Centre explores the symbiotic relationship between nature, man and machine. The architectural form represents a copse of eleven ‘Great Oaks’ – Lithuania’s national tree. Each abstracted ‘tree’ stands twenty five metres tall, their canopies conjoining to create two exhibition floors high above the ground with dramatic views out across the city. A missing central tree creates a vaulted cathedral-like void in the canopy, allowing natural light to penetrate to the forest’s floor. It is through this void that visitors ascend and then cross to access the various exhibition spaces above.'

- Extract from FaulknerBrowns Archive


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