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Design studios are home to some of the most conscientious and strong-willed students in higher education. Which means, when the studio becomes all consuming, it’s easy to find yourself neglecting everything else; events, a social life, even sleep.

Let's change that.
What if the event could be a dialogue with a world-renowned architect? A coffee break workshop, which could transform your next design project? A head-on debate dealing with fundamental issues of the design world in a real way? 

We’re sending out a signal.
​We’re ready to engage.

​It’s time to step away from your desktop screens and put down your pens. Let’s connect with the world outside studio.  
The student culture revival starts now.
Are you in?



Sound Room: Discuss. Reflect Act. As the architects of the future we desperately need skills to discuss what we see with accuracy and totality, reflect on that with clarity and depth and act with that reflection at heart to improve on our built legacy and unlock the vast potential of our cities. 

Technical Difficulties is a set of workshops on design communication providing an opportunity for students to drop in, ask questions and learn from each other's methods as well as celebrating the diversity of Newcastle University's students' skills & techniques.

Small Talk is set to showcase a range of talks within and outside the traditional realms of architecture. We are looking to engage with the work of practices and professionals in a way that breaks down the rigidity of typical lectures.

Praxis is an arm of Signal that engages with the world outside of university, focusing on methods of live practice and how, in architecture, we can help solve real-world, community issues through collaboration. Our goal is to bring academic study and practice together to enact change.

Fold is a student-led magazine initiative uniting the whole school under one voice to critique, promote and raise awareness. These zines engage with issues across the school and beyond the walls of the studio, empowering students to speak critically about the bigger picture of architecture.


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